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Getting started

The UN can be a really confusing place. Theres a committee for everything imaginable, and the acronyms are a whole different language. Here is a basic explanation of what we are doing and how YOU play a vital part.

What is a Preparatory Committee Meeting?

A Preparatory Committee meeting is where the United Nations Member States (all the countries who make up the UN) together with the UN Major Groups (such as Children and Youth, NGO’s, Women etc) and other UN agencies (like UNICEF and UNESCO) do their homework and make plans. Basically, its everyone meeting together and carefully  making a plan. Yes, its a super large committee!

What is the Hyogo Framework for Action?

The plan we are making for Disaster Risk Reduction. The new plan, or framework, builds on the old framework, called the Hyogo Framework for Action, which lasted for the past 10 years. The new Framework is suggested to last 20 years, and at a very high level seeks to achieve:The substantial reduction of disaster losses, in lives, and in the social, economic and environmental assets of persons, communities and countries.

The main goal proposed is this: The prevention of disaster risk creation and the reduction of the existing disaster risk through economic, social, cultural, and environmental measures which address exposure and vulnerability, and thus strengthen resilience.

The Major Group

The UN Major Group for Children & Youth is the space within international negotiations on Sustainable Development for Children and Youth. The Major groups represents diverse voices and are established by various UN resolutions. Youth Beyond Disasters are proud and active members of the UN Major Group for Children & Youth! You will see many of our Youth Beyond Disasters team members delivering statements and working with the UN on Children and Youth Priorities. Please click on any of the links below to view our work on the UN Major Group for Children & Youth website. You can download all statements and see updates of progress throughout the mobilisation towards Sendai.

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