UNISDR Youth Workshop

Global Youth Voice in Disaster Risk Reduction

UNISDR Youth Workshop

Innovative ideas and capacity for change

Civil society, academia, trade unions, private sector, UN Agencies have priorities of Disaster Risk Reduction action. They are ready to make commitments on actions aiming to reduce disaster risks and build resilient communities. These actions will affect you and your future.

The United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR) facilitates discussionson what the Post-2015 Framework for DRR should include. There are several meetings,platforms and conferences leading up to the 3rd(WCDRR). Coming up is the Second Preparatory Committee meeting for the WCDRR (2ndbringing together United Nations member states and other stakeholders to continue the dialogue onthe Zero-Draft of the Post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. The outcomes of the 2nd PrepCom will feed into further discussions and the final document will be voted upon in the 3rd World Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction.

The United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY) invite global youth, amongstothers the members of Youth Beyond Disasters.  We invite people from all regions and with all background to the conference. You are welcomed to share youth thoughts on disaster risk reduction during these discussions, and thereby make your contribution to a resilient world from global to local.

Take Part in our Movement!

Youth Beyond Disasters are encouraging you to participate in the UNISDR Youth Workshop, a satellite conference of the 2nd discussions with outer youths, assistance in translating your thoughts into powerful advocacy messages and meetings with other stakeholders. It takes place in the high-level political center of Geneva, Switzerland. As a participant you will have the opportunity to not only deepen your knowledge of Disaster Risk Reduction but to engage in the collective voice of youth worldwide.

Raising our voices, we advocate for children and youth to be seen as partners within Disaster Risk Reduction. Our voice is growing every day and result in outcomes larger than anyone could have expected in the beginning.

The UNISDR Youth Workshop is organized by the MGCY, with a leading role from its members Youth Beyond Disasters and the International Federation for Medical Students ́ Association, in partnership with the UNISDR.

You are invited!

What              UNISDR Youth Workshop – Global Youth Voice in Disaster Risk Reduction

When             November 14th – 16th 2014

Where            Wonderful Geneva, Switzerland directly preceding the Second Preparatory Committee

How               Three days to deepen your knowledge of Disaster Risk Reduction & prepare   an outstanding youth advocacy strategy for the 2nd Preparatory                              Committee meeting


You register your interest to participate in the UNISDR Youth Workshop and the 2nd PrepCom, by filling out this form. The selection will be based upon motivation and earlier experience. Shortly after deadline you will receive information about the selected delegation for the UNISDR Youth workshop and 2nd PrepCom.

All participants attending the 2nd PrepCom need to be registered by an organization with ECOSOC status or accreditation to the PrepCom2. You do though not need to worry about this, we will after October 26th  thereby register the ones who are selected.

Deadline for registration October 26th 2014


Participants must be aged between 18 and 30;

Participants must submit an application before the deadline stated below;

Participants must be able to communicate adequately in English;

Participants are expected to actively contribute during the Youth Forum and following Member State Consultation;

Participants must be available for the entire duration of the meeting;

Participants must be available to adequately prepare for the meeting and follow up afterwards.

More information

If you have any thoughts, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to hear from you!

Moa M Herrgård moa@childrenyouth.org

Global DRR Focal Point

UN Major Group for Children & Youth

Anna-Theresia Ekman europe@youthbeyonddisasters.org

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