New UN Framework for Disasters

Today the UNISDR launched the Zero-Draft of the Post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Check it out here:

But we warn you, its pretty wordy!

The most exciting part is Children and Youth being recognised for their contribution to disasters. The draft framework says “Children and youth are agents of change and can contribute their experience and should be given the space and modalities to do this.”

The other mention is here:

“Disaster risk reduction practices need to be multi-hazard based, inclusive and accessible to be efficient and effective. It is necessary to ensure the engagement of all stakeholders and the participation of women, children and youth, persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples, volunteers, the community of practitioners, and older persons in the design and implementation of policies, plans and standards. ”

Over the coming month, we are working on

  1. Developing a Children and Youth Framework for Disaster Reduction that can be easily understood by people our ages (5-30).
  2. The launch of a Global Voluntarily Commitment from Children and Youth for Sendai
  3. Advocacy Framework to help UN Member States understand what our priorities are.
  4. Kindly asking Member States to youth delegates to Sendai in 2015!