Twitter Support

Hey we need your help to get more attention on twitter. Here are some suggested tweets by the UNISDR, which you can use to celebrate the 10. anniversary of the HFA.


HFA@10: Born in Kobe. Raised by 193 countries. On the road to Sendai. The HFA grew up fast! #WCDRR

HFA@10: mortality risk in weather-related disasters is trending down in many countries

HFA@10: 1,000s of lives have been saved by early warning, weather forecasts, better preparedness, disaster mgt #WCDRR #DRR

HFA@10: You can only manage what you measure. 85 countries now have disaster loss databases.

HFA@10: Focus on poverty, urbanization, climate, governance, ecosystems to build resilience

HFA@10: #Climate change is a driver and a multiplier of risk #WCDRR #DRR

HFA@10: Disaster management is not the same thing as disaster risk management #WCDRR #DRR  Read some success stories:

HFA@10: Stronger governance: 146 countries in #HFA reviews. 191 have #DRR focal points, 121 legal frameworks. #WCDRR

HFA@10: International Days empowering children&youth, women&girls, elderly, persons with disabilities

HFA@10: Risk of losing wealth in weather-related disasters increasing faster than that wealth is being created