connect-facebookFrequently Asked Questions

1. What will it cost me to attend the Children and Youth Forum (The Forum)?

There is no cost for participating in the Children & Youth Forum, however you will need to cover the cost of your own accommodation, transport to Sendai and meals. The Organising Committee can arrange accommodation for up to 200 youth participants in a group facility, as well as, some meals and transport between the venue and accommodation. This will cost a maximum of $250 USD. Another registration form for this accommodation package will be shared in late January.

2. How can I obtain funding to cover the additional costs?

There are a number options for funding available to you;

  • Contact your national Ministry and apply to be a youth delegate as part of the official country representation at the conference;
  • Connect with your local or provincial government where you live;
  • Request support from your current and past employers ;
  • Approach business and industry who may be interested;
  • Contact your faculty or support office at your university or college;
  • Crowdfund locally from family and friends or seek support online;
  • Search for youth travel grants from benevolent institutions;

Youth Beyond Disasters can support you in investigating all of these options and a letter will be made available to help your contact funding sources and negotiate financial assistance

3. Is accommodation arranged? Please explain details.

Yes, an Accommodation Package is available for purchase, however, places are strictly limited to 200 youth participants of the Children & Youth Forum. Details will be released in mid-January, you will need to submit an application for this Accommodation Package. Places will be offered to participants based on a number of selection criteria to ensure an even distribution and balance.

4. Do I need to register for Third UN World Conference for DRR (WCDRR) as well as for the Children and Youth Forum?

All participants in the Children & Youth Forum need to be pre-registered through an accredited organisation for the Third UN World Conference for DRR. If you have submitted the form for the Children & Youth Forum this is sufficient as the Organising Committee for the Children & Youth Forum will pre-register you for the WCDRR on your behalf based on information requested in the online registration form which can be found HERE.

After you have been successfully pre-registered for the WCDRR, you will receive a confirmation email from UNISDR. This will ensure that upon arrival in Sendai, you will receive a badge to enter the venue and facilities associated with the WCDRR.

The badge pickup will be arranged jointly for all the participants in the Children & Youth Forum on the 13th of March. If you arrive later please inform us and we will provide information about how and where you can pick up your badge.

5. Who can attend the Children & Youth Forum?

Young people under the age of 30 can attend the Children & Youth Forum. We welcome youth with all levels of experience, from those who are currently DRR practitioners to those who have an interest in getting involved in the future.

If you are above 30 and still wish to participate, your contribution and experience is greatly welcomed at the Children & Youth Forum, which is part of the the official Public Forum events of the WCDRR. However, in doing so, you will not be able to speak on behalf of the UN Major Group for Children & Youth

6. When do I hear whether I am accepted to the Children & Youth Forum?

The Children & Youth Forum and Pre-WCDRR Workshop welcomes all young people so there is no selection process and all applicants can attend. However, there are strictly 200 places available for the Accommodation Package with details expected to be released in mid January (please see Question 2).

7. Should I arrange my flights immediately?

You can book your flights once you have been confirmed to participate in the Children & Youth Forum and the WCDRR. We advise people to book flights as soon as possible to obtain the cheapest flights possible and obtain any necessary travel documentation early.

See details on funding your trip in Questions 1 and 2.

8. What documents do I need to arrange my visa to Japan?

Please check this with your embassy or Japanese embassy or consulate, as conditions and required documents are different for each country. If you do need to pre-arrange a visa, you should begin this process with your Japanese embassy or consulate in your home country. If you require any documentation confirming your attendance to the Children & Youth Forum to assist your application, please contact us at so that we may help to arrange this. Arranging a visa can take up to three months depending on your home country, therefore we strongly encourage you to check the requirements for citizens of your country as soon as possible.

9. Can I participate in only parts of the program?

Ideally, all participants will attend the full program from the 11th to the 18th of March. If for exceptional reasons, you can only attend parts of the program this is acceptable, however, the accommodation package will need to be paid in full.