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The Children & Youth Forum (the Forum) will be held during the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR) between March 14-18th running alongside the Public Forum at the official WCDRR. Prior to the Forum, a 3-day series of Pre-WCDRR Workshops will be held from March 11-13th. The Organising Committee and supporting Japan Secretariat consist of over 50 young DRR enthusiasts from across the world.

Equipping participants with the tools to become the next global and local resilience leaders, the Forum will facilitate their meaningful participation in the negotiations and consultations of the WCDRR. We additionally welcome all stakeholders to take part in the the Forum March 14-18th, and invite you to contribute your meaningful opinions and knowledge. Please find details of the Children & Youth Forum Preliminary Program below:

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Thank you for your tremendous interest in registering for the Children & Youth Forum part of the Public Forum of the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, Japan this March 2015.

Formal registration for the Children & Youth Forum closed on January 31, allowing at least an additional day to receive late registrations.

Expected Outcomes of the Children and Youth Forum

  • Shared knowledge: Collection of views, ideas and experiences, especially best practices that can reduce disaster risk and create a network of young motivated and enthusiastic people dedicated to building community resilience. Shared aspirations, expectations and needs, as well as the contribution and added value they bring to disaster risk reduction decision-making.
  • Toolbox for Resilience: Bursting with innovative ideas, experiences and recommendations from youth and experts creating a youth led knowledge hub to build strong, risk informed action plans.
  • Youth Taking Actions on Disasters: Capture innovative ideas and recommendations for disaster resilience and opportunities to pitch to the leaders of today and corporate partners for support and partnership-building.;
  • Advocacy of Youth Voices: Ensuring the voice of youth is heard by collaborating on the the development of the Post 2015 Framework on DRR by participating in the multi-stakeholder sessions and the public forum at WCDRR and formulating the Youths Commitments for Disaster Risk Reduction.
  • Staying Connected: Participants will continue their journey being connected to a global network (online and through forums) where communication and support can continue for the implementation and further shaping of action plans and commitments.