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Thank you for your tremendous interest in registering for the Children & Youth Forum part of the Public Forum of the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, Japan this March 2015.

Formal registration for the Children & Youth Forum closed on January 31, allowing at least an additional day to receive late registrations.


The Children & Youth Forum at the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (3WCDRR) and Pre-WCDRR Workshops represents all activities related to children and youth engagement in the lead-up to the conference in Sendai, Japan held during March 2015. As such, it was intended that the Children & Youth Forum would be led by children and youth and be developed for children and youth to mobilize and showcase their strengths, skills, and abilities to lead change in reducing risk and building resilience to disasters.


Sendai Memorial

MARCH 11-12th | 3.11 Sendai Memorial

On the anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, the Children and Youth Forum will commence with activities commemorating the disaster. Participants will be able to learn more about the disaster affected areas by visiting them and showing respect for all victims.


MARCH 12-13th | Preparatory Activities 

To prepare for the World Conference, participants of the Forum will engage in working streams on advocacy, disaster affected areas (with a study visit) and media and communication. Once the outcomes are shared and all participants are ready, the Forum will be officially opened.


MARCH 14-16th | Resilience Toolbox

Through workshops, panel discussions, ‘unconferences’, inter-generational engagement and more, participants and organizers of the Youth Forum will showcase the strengths, priorities and actions of children and youth in Disaster Risk Reduction.


MARCH 12-18th | Panel Discussions

Interactive debates, speakers, creative sessions, roundtables and open sessions in an ‘unconference’ participant-driven style. These Public Forum Panel Discussions are open to guests and any external persons.


MARCH 17th | Official Thematic Session

This session while providing an opportunity for children and youth to share their views will also encourage inter-generational dialogue with leading experts and practitioners on disaster, climate and other risks.


Social Cultural Program (Optional)

The highlights of the Social Program are the Opening Ceremony, the cultural night, the Closing Ceremony and the Farewell Party. Excursion information and costs will be available shortly.

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