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Working Session 23

Children & Youth – ‘Don’t decide my future without me!’

Children and Youth are the single largest demographic representing over half the world’s population and custodians of the resilient future we all aim to create. As a group they offer unlimited potential in terms of preventing and managing risk, if harnessed and supported properly. They are one of the groups most affected by disasters and those who will inherit the risks of today and implement our policies of tomorrow.

The active engagement of children and youth, including those with disability, in reducing risk is a must if the new Framework for DRR is to be a success in driving truly sustainable development.

Building on their engagement in national, regional and global DRR platforms, Preparatory Committee sessions and via crowd sourcing online, this interactive session will share children and youth priorities on disaster risk reduction and demonstrate practical examples of actions and commitments in resilience building. From community hazard mapping, climate change coalitions to young pioneering global shapers and activists engaging with policy makers at every level, this session will show the ingenuity of children and youth and what a child and youth inclusive Framework for DRR can really catalyze and accomplish.

This session while providing an opportunity for children and youth to share their views will also encourage inter-generational dialogue with leading experts and practitioners on disaster, climate and other risks. It will call for an investment in measures and policies to empower, educate and develop youth and children as current partners and future implementers in managing disaster risk. At the close of this session, commitments and recommendations will be presented by children and youth for implementation of the Post-2015 Framework for DRR.